Company Heritage

KONMOS TECHNOLOGIES Private Limited is a leading manufacturing company recognized for the design and development of most advanced motor and inverter drives for industry, electrical vehicle and pump. Experienced R&D team and hi-tech manufacturing facility enables custom made and cost effective product solution. KONMOS TECHNOLOGIES group of companies are been involved in manufacturing of electrical motors and pump for more than two decades and always come up with more and more efficient, cost effective product solution to match the national and international standards. Since long, sister concern company of KONMOS TECHNOLOGIES is doing OEM of manufacturing of electrical motor enclosures for conveyors, cranes, pumps, elevators and compressors applications. KONMOS TECHNOLOGIES itself is engaged in design and development of permanent magnet synchronous motors and controllers for electrical vehicle powertrain for more than decades.

Team of experience working professionals having enormous expertise including but not limited to electrical machine, thermal management, magnetic fields and forces, power electronics, inverter control algorithms, coil winding and mechanical design develops indigenous products with the use of cutting edge technology empowered softwares. State of art in-house R&D facility at company makes it possible to develop highest efficient, utmost reliable and cost effective product solutions from brain to business. KONMOS TECHNOLOGIES is committed to cultivate close tie-ups with customer enabling them to minimize mind-to-market time and maximize return on investment. Quality products, timely delivery, excellent after sales services and seamless installation is the corporate duty of company. KONMOS TECHNOLOGIES considers customer as company’s true north and works with unchanged dedication irrespective of small or large business.