The KONMOS motor and inverter are an system featuring high-RPM permanent magnet electric motors, power-dense electronic inverters, and advanced controls that enable electric vehicles to meet the highest standards for efficiency, reliability, and performance. Designed according to AIS 038 functional safety standards, these systems are efficient turnkey solutions optimized for high speed two wheeler and three wheeler application

System Features

  • True PMSM
  • High Efficiency of more than 90%
  • High Torque(Climbing),High RPM(Speed),Compact Size
  • Low loss, Durable, Good Quality Bearing
  • IPM Motor
  • Fan (IP 69k) with less than 3W power consumption
  • Force cooling and tangential cooling with directional vent
  • Vector controlled can be easily achieved
  • High Temp rare earth magnets and Thermal optimized design
  • Circular fins for good heat dissipation in center region
  • Ingress Level IP 67 and Body with more mechanical strength.


KONMOS series is an efficient turnkey solution created expressly for a range of electric and hybrid applications, with emphasis on low speed two wheelers, three wheelers, Load carriers such as:

  • Scooter
  • E-rickshaw
  • Load Carriers
Rated Power 1 kW 2 kW 2 kW
peak Power 2 kW 4 kW 4 kW
Voltage 48 V 48 V 60 V
Efficiency 92% 92% 92%
RPM 3000 3000 3000
Rated Torque 3.18 Nm 6.3 Nm 6.3 Nm
Peak Torque 6.36 Nm 12.6 Nm 12.6 Nm
Ingress Level IP67 IP67 IP67
Cooling Air Air Air
Insulation Level Class F Class F Class F
Weight 2 kg 4 kg 4 kg